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2018 Ap Design Portfolio

Everybody wants to be everybody

My pieces show the evolution of a figure that appeared in my mind, in middle school. This alien-like figure has weaved its way into my art and has evolved with me. This breadth of work also implements water hemlocks, which have beautiful flowers, however are very lethal.  This dichotomy of beauty and death represents the shielding of ones true self in order to survive in this society, just as the hemlock disguises its poison in delicate and dainty petals.

My concept was based on immature insecurity and the subconscious of a growing mind and its place in society. "Everybody Wants to be Everybody" is the notion that as a developing human being, whether we know it or not we are always trying to become one another and fit in. What are our goals? Inspirations? Who are you? 

Art Shows

  • 2016 The Hui No'eau, Mālama Wao Akua

  • 2017 Maui County Fair

    • Ceramics​

    • Printmaking

  • 2018 MACC, Young Creatives Intergalatica

  • 2019 CSULB, Ink 22 Show

    • Printmaking​


Etch Print on hot pressed- 2019


Mixed Media - 2018


Acrylic on Bristol- 2020


Mixed Media- 2018


Acrylic on Bristol -2020

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